Maintenance and Care

12Jul 2016

Here’s the scenario (one at least): It’s Friday night, you and the family are packing up to go away for the weekend.  You breeze past the pond to say goodbye to your fish friends and throw them a little food until you get home Sunday night.  The weekend weather is beautiful, sunny and HOT! You […]

08Apr 2016

Frogs!  All over the country spring is “hopping” and the frogs are singing, sometimes a bit too loud.   It’s no different here in Morris County, NJ, the frogs are getting busy.  We can hear them at night, the ruckus and noise they can create is music to our ears here at A Frog’s Dream as […]

10Feb 2016

Can I run my waterfall and pond all winter in New Jersey?  We are asked this all the time by our customers and new pond and waterfall owners in the Morris, Hunterdon, and Sussex County New Jersey areas.  Keeping your pond and waterfall running in New Jersey during the frozen months of December through March  will […]

15Oct 2015

Some of us are lucky enough to have well water. While it may limit our ability to do laundry, water the garden, wash the car, fill the pond, and take a shower simultaneously, it does afford us the pleasure of minimal additives in our home water supply. For those of us residing in municipalities offering […]

30Sep 2015

Enjoy some entertaining moments in our ponding history. Feels like we need to lighten the mood a bit as the workload increases and the daylight decreases. Have a good read and find out why our littlest helpers can be our biggest challenge.   Moment #1: The Helper A father of a young son, about 3, […]

24Sep 2015

POND CALCULATIONS POND (Length x Width x Avg. Depth x 7.5) = Total Gallons PONDLESS® WATERFALL STREAM (Length x Width x .25 (Depth) x 7.5) = Gallons in the stream PONDLESS® WATERFALL BASIN (Length x Width x Depth x 2.2) = Gallons in the Basin Decorative Mulch and Stone  Cubic Yard = Length x Width […]

22Sep 2015

Source Fall Pond Maintenance Serving Morris, Sussex and Hunterdon County- Northern New Jersey When fall rolls around in our part of the world here in Morris County, NJ , the change of seasons is apparent by the beautiful, multi-colored leaves and the cool change in temperatures. It may be your favorite time of year, but […]

01Jul 2015

We are constantly asked, usually around this time of year, what should I do to make sure my fish are okay while I’m away on vacation. We have some thoughts on what to do and not do, to ensure a relaxing trip for you and a calm peaceful existence for your fish friends. Don’t invest […]

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