Pond Fish

19May 2016

“When can I start feeding my koi or pond fish again?”  is a question we are asked almost daily this time of year. We understand why, too!   Your pond has either been cleaned or turned on for the spring,  the fish are becoming more and more active almost begging for food, and you can’t […]

15Oct 2015

Some of us are lucky enough to have well water. While it may limit our ability to do laundry, water the garden, wash the car, fill the pond, and take a shower simultaneously, it does afford us the pleasure of minimal additives in our home water supply. For those of us residing in municipalities offering […]

26May 2015

What Fish Can I Add to My NJ Fish Pond, you ask… A well balanced pond environment is easily maintained with equal parts of animal and plant life. Plants have started to bud, and produce foliage at an incredible rate with the warm spring sun we have recently been doused with. But what if a […]

23Dec 2014

By this time your pond has been netted to keep those leaves out of the pond. In addition you have more than likely added some form of aeration and deicer.

16Aug 2014

We are in the dog days of summer, there are things that you need to remember about your water feature in order to keep a balanced ecosystem pond along with happy fish! Take a moment to refresh your memory with these 5 critically important tips.