tadpole grown upFrogs!  All over the country spring is “hopping” and the frogs are singing, sometimes a bit too loud.   It’s no different here in Morris County, NJ, the frogs are getting busy.  We can hear them at night, the ruckus and noise they can create is music to our ears here at A Frog’s Dream as it means spring truly is here.

After all this ruckus and commotion, so much so it can keep you up at night, we go outside to check out our newly cleaned or opened pond and find it littered with slime globs or possibly long stringy slimy strands all over the place.  It looks like a war zone!

After a day or so we get over the fact that the pond has been taken over by frog and toad eggs.  However, after 7-10 days we venture outside to check out our fish friends only to find thousands of a black things, yes it can look like thousands, swimming all over.

We panic,  thinking to ourselves, what am I going to do when these tadpoles turn into frogs or toads?  Is my pond going to be taken over by Frogs and Toads?  What am I going to do with all these Frogs?

Tadpole egg facts

Just to put your mind at ease, your fish will take care of many of those tadpoles for you. The fish will even eat some, if not all, of the frog eggs.  If you want frogs, we recommend taking the frog eggs out.  Toad eggs are a bit different, fish don’t eat these too much as they supposedly taste awful.  And… No, we have never tried them, that’s gross!

It’s Spring and you have created a great ecosystem in your backyard drawing wildlife,  cool things happen there.  Enjoy the nature your pond brings, you won’t be the parent of thousands of Frogs or Toads, We Promise!




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