Pond Myth #1Will Predators Eat My Goldfish & Koi ?

Pond Fish Predator

Photo Courtesy of Pond Contractor Services

There is a constant fear in Morris County NJ among our existing customers and those looking to jump into the water garden hobby that raccoons and other four-legged pond predators will go swimming in your backyard pond, and while they’re in there, they’ll help themselves to some of your prize koi, shubunkin, or goldfish. When you go out to your pond in the morning and discover you’re missing a fish or two, it’s very tempting to blame it on such critters, especially if you didn’t see it happen. There has to be a reasonable explanation, and predators are as good as any, right?

However, if the following facts into consideration before you jump to any conclusions. Raccoons generally won’t swim. That’s not to say they never swim, or couldn’t stand on the side of your pond and take a paw swipe or two at your fish.Fortunately, most fish will swim to a deeper, more protected part of the pond when a raccoon or non-swimming predator is threatening them.
We know,  giving your fish a place to hide dramatically helps their odds of survival, especially when placed properly in the deep section of the pond.   Plenty of lily pads and floating plants such as hyacinth and water lettuce give them some protection and will work to minimize attracting a predator in the first place. Other protection measures include a cave-like structure that can be built in during the pond’s excavation, or if you already have a pond, they can be added with a little pond remodeling.

Fish Caves? …What is a Fish Cave?

Crevices, or miniature caves, can be created within the rock walls of your pond.  During new pond construction in Morris County NJ, install large pieces of pipe that are hidden and covered with boulders into the walls of the pond to create tunnels or caves and overhang larger sized rocks so that fish can quickly find a place to hide if they feel threatened. 

Pond PredatorsBlue Heron!  Probably the most talked about…

The one predator in New Jersey with legitimate credentials is the blue heron. These tall, long-legged, big-beaked birds can easily wade into your pond, help themselves to any of your prized fish they think look tasty, and fly away with their bellies full. They are a protected species in New Jersey, so they are off-limits if you’re thinking about taking revenge on them.  There are many ways to deter this persistent predator from getting our pond fish, talking about these deterrents requires more reading.  See our blog:

How to deter Blue Heron away from my pond fish?  


The possibility of pond predators seeking out your pond is, indeed, a valid concern in terms of the safety of your pond’s inhabitants, but the possibility shouldn’t be a reason to avoid building a pond.


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