The very short answer: Yes!

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The Long Answer:

Each year as we maintain ponds, we consistently add beneficial pond bacteria and a sludge formulated bacteria during every visit. We do this to maintain a consistent balance of beneficial pond bacteria to provide consistent water quality and water clarity for the pond’s ecosystem.

Why add beneficial pond bacteria if it will grow on it’s own?

Honestly, we asked the same question and were skeptical to consistently add this extra liquid “stuff”. We felt as though the pond and filtration would maintain the proper pond bacteria levels without supplementation and this does happen to a certain extent, however…

We decided to test products to see if they really made a difference. Over the course of a year, we consistently added beneficial pond bacteria and a sludge bacteria to one pond and not another, both having similar fish loads and proper filtration. The results were dramatic. The pond with “stuff”, added consistently, was gin clear with no green water in the spring and a 3 week filter cycle ( pond enthusiasts: a filter cycle is how quickly water quality results showed 0 for ammonia and nitrites). Also, in the fall there was very little sludge build-up on the bottom of the pond and every stone was visible. The fish were also very lively and looked extremely healthy.

Beneficial Pond Bacteria

Beneficial Pond Bacteria

The pond we didn’t supplemental pond bacteria to was clear, but not like the other, and the sludge build up was significantly visible on the rocks in this pond. The pond did go through a 7-10 day spring green water phase and the filter took about 8 weeks to cycle. (Big difference) The fish looked healthy and were active, but less active, but not as visible or vibrant as those in the pond with consistent pond bacteria additions(“stuff”).

By this time we felt as though we had answered the question of: Is it worth adding pond bacteria? Yes, in our opinion it is 100% worth it to add pond bacteria and sludge reducing bacteria.


So what made that difference? Just because we added some liquid bacteria to the pond?

Pond bacteria is a living organism, it needs food to survive. Without getting too technical- that food consists of ammonia and fish waste. In our ponds, ammonia and fish waste levels can fluctuate dramatically, especially since we love to feed our fish friends so much. As the ammonia and waste levels increase, pond bacteria grow and multiply to greater levels to “eat” this increase in waste. As the food source for the pond bacteria is eaten up and diminished some of the bacteria begin to starve and begin dying off. The waste levels become elevated and the bacteria need to grow naturally to eat this waste. It takes time for these bacteria to multiply which can create poor water quality and water in the meantime. This creates a bacteria cycle of highs and lows. Your pond needs consistency.

Adding beneficial pond bacteria is a way of supplementing and keeping pond bacteria levels steady so the bacteria are consistently keeping up with the ammonia and fish waste levels. This is somewhat similar to us taking vitamin supplements for our bodies in an effort to keep our vitamin levels consistent. Adding beneficial pond bacteria eliminates high and low bacteria level swings which provides us with a cleaner and clearer pond, as well as a healthier environment for our fish friends.

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